Betty Lucas of LucasHooping InternationalFounded by Betty Lucas, HoopChi combines dance and Tai Chi-inspired movements with a hoop. In HoopChi, rather than spinning the hoop around your waist, HoopChi uses the frame of the hoop to stretch and tone your muscles through a series of sequential movements. HoopChi FAQs

You can practice the movements in a slow, more meditative fashion, or speed the movements up and turn HoopChi into a flowing dance. In addition to improving your posture and balance, practicing each movement exercises your mind and keeps your joints fluid. For a computer focused sedentary society, HoopChi is an energizing, toning experience! HoopChi also provides hoop dancers new moves and pacing to incorporate into the dance.
HoopChi Workshops:

2011: Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Seychelles, Turkey. US States DC, TX

2012: Bahamas, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Paris.  US States: DC, CA, OR, TX

2013: Thailand, Toronto, Switzerland.

2014: TBD

 Have Hoops, will travel  

HoopChi Background
Developed by Betty Lucas over a period of years, HoopChi draws on her background as a ballroom dance and certified hooping instructor and integrates her innovative use of Tai Chi-inspired movements. The result is HoopChi, a blend of dance and Tai Chi-inspired movements with a hoop.

Launched for the first time in Bali September 2010, HoopChi has since been featured in Yoga retreats and dance studios across the U.S., and internationally. In March 2011 Lucas launched her U.S. HoopChi tour in which she taught HoopChi across the country to students and instructors. Check out our HoopChi Teacher page. Contact Betty@LucasHooping.com to bring HoopChi to your city.

· Increases posture and balance
· Improves upper body strength and flexibility
· Tones and builds arms, legs and back muscles without adding bulk
· Activates the mind through a sequential series of movements
· Reduces stress and tension
· Increases energy through controlled breathing and stretches


"I really like the gentleness and spirituality in your hoop flow, since it is aligned with how I typically move. I don't find many hoopers 50+ years in age on the Web. Thanks for helping show aging Boomers an exercise alternative to body-punishing activities such as jogging (and any sport with "x-treme" as part of the description). Tim, Round Rock, TX

"Finding an exercise program you can stick to and enjoy is critical to health in our modern world. HoopChi is fun and challenging, and can be made to work for any level of fitness. It can improve balance, muscle tone and strength. It can increase flexibility and help maintain joint health. And it takes the boredom out of repetitive exercise. It's more like playing. Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD, San Francisco, CA 

"HoopChi is great for those seeking an alternative to Yoga or Pilates, also excellent for tennis players, golfers and officers workers. Your workshop helped validate that HoopChi is for me." Janet, Alexandria, VA

"Something about HoopChi really moves me. I don't know what it is. I feel connected to my core." Sally. Alameda, CA

 A poem to LucasHooping, by Jesse Noily-Felder

Hula Hoops
Spinning wheels of persistant life
healing the body, the mind, the spirit
a rainbow of circles as you spread the joy through Oakland.
HoopChi for you, HoopChi for me, HoopChi for all full spirits to be. 

HoopChi Collapsible Hoops - What Size Fits?   Hoop Folding Instructions


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HoopChi as a Dance

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